The Northern Ecosystems Research for Undergraduates (NERU) program focuses on the impacts of climate change on ecosystems in Northern Sweden. The program is a collaboration between the Univ. of N.H. and the Abisko Scientific Research Station. Read more…

We will not offer a summer 2016 program. New program info. will be posted as funding becomes available. All NSF REU student opportunities are listed on NSF REU program websites.
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Our geo-science and environmental science students hail from a wide range of institutions and disciplines. All are interested in scientific research and are participating in our study of biogeochemical processes in northern upland and wetland ecosystems.

2012 Students
rebecca   Rebecca Jacobson
Plymouth State University
Environmental Science & Policy major

I will be looking at mercury concentrations and movement in vegetation and moss along the methane flux gradient. I hope to learn more about various field techniques, and mire plants.


Mercury dynamics in a thawing peatland: Stordalen Mire, Abisko. Co-authors: Florenica Meana-Prado, Julia G. Bryce, Ruth K. Varner, Carrie McCalley, Patrick Crill; Mentor: Julia G. Bryce